Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy & Sell Bitcoins/Altcoins



The cryptocurrency market is one that is known for the most untimely and unpredictable behavior that still puzzles even those that describe themselves as its experts. Trading in these digital currencies is no longer a joke that the established financial industry paints it out to be, as the total value of the market has recently surpassed the half a trillion dollar mark with predictions that will soon each that full figure soon and count itself alongside the big boys like Forex trade.

Finding the right trading portal is ever important for the cryptocurrency trader, as many issues such as varying prices of the cryptocurrencies themselves, transaction fees, as well as security has a bearing in determining people’s choices. Some of the best known cryptocurrency exchanges in the world include

Coinbase: In any reasonable cryptocurrency exchange list, Coinbase is a name that is surely going to come up, as they are frankly the best known, most reputable exchange that has been in the market long enough to earn the trust and respect of the whole industry. Coinbase is a highly user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange which is made as accessible to the users as possible that even the newbie in the cryptocurrency universe can easily find their way around it. Coinbase is also very popular for providing very flexible payment modes, with instantaneous buys using credit or debit cards available, as well as a spotless track record in delivering secure trading platform for its users.

Coinmama: This one of the oldest and still most relevant exchanges in the world. Apart from the lean and very friendly user interface, the Coinmama trading platform right from its early days was slated to be the most flexible and user friendly in the world. At the time when the world still didn’t know what to do with cryptocurrencies and trading them wasn’t the easiest things in the world, Coinmama was the first exchange to offer its users the option of settling their cryptocurrency purchases using Western Union, and also later became the first to allow purchases using Credit or Debit Cards. On the flip side of the coin however, Coinmama has one of the costliest transaction fees when it comes to credit or debit card purchases, due to higher chances of a chargeback.

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