Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy & Sell Bitcoins/Altcoins


Binance: this is one of the fastest growing and wildly popular exchanges in the world. The Binance exchange is one that offers its users and alternative experience in that it is among the most successful decentralized exchanges with an extremely enviable capacity of transactions it can process every given second. Binance unlike most other exchanges that slow down or even suspend trading when traffic becomes unbearable, can tolerate as much as 1.4 million transactions every second, and comes with the added advantage of having subsidized transaction fees, where its user pay for part of their transaction fees using its own native Binance token. Binance is one of the few exchange platforms that has pulled off a completely efficient mobile trading platform the user can use to buy and sell their crypto holdings on the go. Binance also supports a number of languages, which gives it even better reach, like English and Chinese.

Bittrex: If you are looking for the mother of all cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of the sheer number of different coins and tokens that are available for a seamless trading experience, then Bittrex is the only place to be. This is a highly versatile exchange with over 190 distinct products that are available for trade. Bittrex is also very popular for providing its users with very agreeable payment options with Credit and Debit card payments being accepted on the platform. Despite its large number of products, Bittrex is still one of the most secure options for cryptocurrency traders as it has the track record to prove it

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