5 Best Bitcoin Wallets in 2018


2017 is the year that will linger in the memory of all cryptocurrency enthusiasts and even those who just came into it for the quick kill they were looking to make. It is the year the industry showed the world a glimpse of its true potential as it multiplied and then re-multiplied its value many times over what was as surreal a surge in value as any. Bitcoin is the arrow head that pulled the rest of the market in this upward trend as it gained at its peak just over 2000% from the value it began with in January.

With such value on a currency that is lighter than a feather (literally) and whose transactions once initiated cannot be reversed, finding the right storage that will ensure your Bitcoin’s safety is an absolute necessity. Some of the best Wallets to choose from include:

#5 Trezor: This is the very first in a series of what will become an industry standard hardware wallets that are created specifically for the purpose of serving as a highly portable vault which secures your cryptocurrency even from physical theft. The Trezor Wallet is designed with multiple layers of security which ensures your Bitcoin remains safe, with features like a Pin code, a 20 word recovery phrase, and an airtight vault that makes it usable on even computers known to harbor malware on them. Trezor’s main drawback is that it is not yet mobile friendly in that you need your laptop or desktop in order to access it to send money, however its top notch security more than makes up for that minor flaw.

#4 Electrum: This is one of the most reputable and highly secured desktop wallets. It is one of the earliest players in the cryptocurrency wallet niche and has had a pretty impressive track record when it comes to securing the user’s digital assets. It is a lightweight wallet that is designed with both security and usability in mind, as it can be easily tailored by the user as a main cold storage wallet on an offline computer. Electrum also supports some of the most widely known hardware Wallets like Trezor, Jaxx and Ledger Nano. It is also among the few elite wallets that support being used on the Tor network.

#3 Jaxx: This is another standard issue hardware wallet that is made for those with considerable cryptocurrency holdings that require a vault to keep their assets safe. Jaxx is one of the most versatile hardware wallets around as it accommodates the use and transaction of not only Bitcoin but a dozen other Altcoins like Ethereum, Monero, Litecoin and many others. Jaxx comes with standard security for the modern hardware wallet, with the recovery phrase option which other wallets like Trezor come with also available.

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