Verge XVG – Possibly The Best Altcoin to Invest in for 2018?


    Waves, Tron, Cardano ADA. – As we head into 2018, several new altcoin offerings are jostling for investor attention. What is more, investors are taking notice. Everyone, after all, wants to hitch a ride on what they hope will turn out to be Bitcoin 2.0 in a few years time.

    That said, investors might just be overlooking one of the markets most innovative new altcoins.

    Verge XVG – The Altcoin You’ll be Hearing More & More of Over 2018

    Verge XVG is a privacy/anonymity orientated altcoin which rose exponentially in value during December 2017.

    Of course, when shopping for a new altcoin, the last thing which investors should look at is the price. Instead, what defines an altcoin is what lies under the hood and in this respect, Verge XVG is nothing short of game-changing.

    Unlike Bitcoin which currently takes over an hour to confirm transactions, Verge can process and confirm payments in under 5-seconds. This puts Verge at the forefront of altcoin offerings which are ready and waiting to serve real-world consumers. Where things really start getting exciting, however, is where Verge XVG’s privacy safeguards come into play.

    You Need Better Cryptocurrency Privacy Even if You Don’t Know it Yet

    The mainstream media loves to call out digital currency as funding the illicit drug trade and thwarting counterterrorism efforts. In reality, however, digital currency privacy and security is going to become more, rather than less important as we head on into 2018.

    Realistically speaking, all it takes for someone to lose their entire Bitcoin wallet balance, is a single hacker monitoring traffic over an open wifi network. What is more, as we saw with the recent kidnapping of cryptocurrency exchange CEO, Pavel Lerner, linking blockchain wallet details to people’s real-world identities can have serious repercussions.

    Thankfully, Verge is unique in that soon, all Android and Electrum web wallets will process transactions via Tor and I2P. What is more, the ‘Wraith Protocol’ which Verge is in the process of releasing in order to enhance user privacy, also creates faux blockchain addresses whenever XVG coins are sent and/or received.

    Simple Payment Verification (SPV) For Even More Robust Privacy

    Not content with just obfuscating user location and wallet address details, Verge XVG also uses Simple Payment Verification protocols to ensure that no user data is ever broadcast across the Verge Clearnet. Moreover, what is interesting about SPV, is the fact that SPV protocols were first advocated by Satoshi Nakamoto, in the original Bitcoin whitepaper.

    The XVG Price Should Easily Pass $1 in 2018

    Anyone who analyzes cryptocurrency exchange data will see that there has been a recent upsurge in interest in privacy orientated altcoins. What is more, this is because privacy altcoin offerings like Verge, aren’t about helping people launder money or engage in other nefarious activities. Instead, privacy is simply key when it comes to better overall cryptocurrency wallet security.

    Currently trading at $0.16, XVG is one of the most innovative, yet still low-cost altcoin offerings on the cryptocurrency market. It should be noted, however, that substantial gains won’t materialize for XVG until the full rollout of Verge’s aforementioned Wraith Protocol. This being the case, now would be a time to buy and hold, rather than expect to make instant returns in a short space of time.


    1. If you wan’t to know how to buy verge coins. check my guide out!

    2. Actually the Wraith Protocol got released yesterday! 1/8/17 and the price rose acordingly. it’s gonna be a great year and a great investment.


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